Integrated Systems

for Industrial Observability

  The information of your machines,  anytime, anywhere!

Immediate Observability

View historical and real-time data from your machines from any computer or mobile device.

Use configurable faceplates to display any combination of data you want to understand the status of your machines.

Graphically analyze the evolution of data to identify deviations in the performance of your machines.

Wireless Communication

Plant personnel can access machine data from any computer or mobile device connected to the local WiFi network.

Add 4G/LTE option to securely access Obsrv! from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

Obsrv! is compatible with any current internet browser.

Machine Databases

Obsrv! records months of information about the operation of its machines in an SQL database that can be queried from an internet browser or from any application with SQL connectivity.

Obsrv! can connect to all kinds of machine signals.

ZentinelMDS configures Obsrv! for your specific needs.

Ready to work...and grow

Each Obsrv! system is delivered configured and ready to be connected to the signals of your machine.

No programming or software tools are required to start using Obsrv!

Obsrv! systems incorporate an Obsrv! Edge server and an Ethernet / WiFi Router.

The Obsrv! Edge server:

The router isolates and secures internal Obsrv! communications (Obsrv! Ethernet) from the Ethernet or WiFi network traffic in the plant.

The Obsrv! Ethernet system network communicates with Obsrv! I/O blocks and with other Ethernet devices connected to the system.

Obsrv! can be delivered with all the components configured and ready to be installed in an electrical cabinet by you or it can also be delivered within an enclosure for plant assembly.

Obsrv! is compatible with any type of machine data and sensors

Signals in Electrical Cabinet

Obsrv! I/O blocks are installed in the machine's electrical cabinet and communicate via Ethernet with the Obsrv! central unit. .

Each Obsrv! I/O block can be configured with 2 modules of 8 input or output points:

Distributed On-Machine Signals

The SPE port included in Obsrv! allows you to communicate with periNODE smart adapters from Perinet GmbH and other devices distributed on the Obsrv! Single Pair Ethernet network.

periNODE reads signals from standard 24VDC, 0-10V or Pt100 sensors and sends the information to Obsrv!.

periNODE is designed for mounting on the machine with IP67 protection

Obsrv! SPE also provides power to the periNODEs and the sensors connected to them.

Data from Intelligent Devices

Through the system's USB and Ethernet communication ports, Obsrv! can read data from smart devices such as:

Adapt Obsrv! to your unique needs

Custom Reporting

Obsrv! incorporates a utility to generate reports and manage your database.

Run and download the reports to your computer or mobile device from an internet browser.

You can also access the data in Obsrv! from any tool with SQL connectivity such as Excel, PowerBI, SQL Server, Oracle, SAP.

Automated Data Flow

Use the Node-RED utility built into Obsrv! to create your own machine data processing logic and to communicate with USB or Ethernet devices.

Alert Management with SIGNL4 from Derdack

The combination of Obsrv! with SIGNL4 with provides a seamless solution to manage alerts in manufacturing environments.

Link Obsrv! to SIGNL4 using the included Node-RED.
This enables the transmission of data to SIGNL4 through the existing SIGNL4 Nodes and thus the alerting of your SIGNL4 team.

 Benefits and Value-Add

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Advanced Applicactions

The optional Obsrv! Debian container is optimized for developing applications that access real-time and historical data from your machines, using the most appropriate development environment for your application, such as Python, R or C++.