Seamless IoT Connectivity

Perinet Premium Reseller

Zentinel MDS is a Premium Reseller of the products and technologies of Perinet GmbH.

Perinet GmbH has the mission of leading the development of a very specialized market segment: The seamless connection between existing devices in the machines and information management systems.


Perinet's hardware and software close the final gap in the Internet of Things by eliminating the remaining analogous sections.

The centerpiece of our innovation is the periCORE SPE communication module, incorporated into the Perinet Intelligent Components, designed to add network capabilities to existing sensors and actuators.

This allows you to switch from bus-based sensors to network-based sensors, which in turn facilitates continuous uninterrupted media communication, as well as local pre-processing and data reduction.

Data is processed locally and transmitted digitally only if changes occur, which reduces the load of the network.

Each device has its own identification instead of being only identifiable by the port to which it has been connected.

In addition, periCORE allows the use of state-of-the-art end-to-end cryptography protocols such as TLS


Convert analog passive sensors or actuators into active and intelligent network participants who deliver digital data to any IT system or data center for later processing and analysis.

Key features:

periNODE 0-10VDC
It connects directly to sensors with 0-10 V signal output and 4-pin M12 connectors with A-encoded.

This periNODE smart adapter has 2 input/output channels and connects directly to sensors or actuators with 24 V GPIO through a 4*0.25 mm2 cable.

periNODE pt100
This periNODE smart adapter connects directly to sensors with 3-wire Pt100 signal output and 4-pin M12 connectors with A-encoding.


This 3-port periSWITCH switch facilitates the connection of multiple sensors and/or actuators in series.

It allows an easy and direct extension and adaptation to any use case, from industrial production lines to commercial applications and intelligent buildings, to name just a few.


The periLINE hybrid SPE cables connect Perinet's intelligent components in a "Seamless IoT Connectivity System".

periLINE transports both data and energy supply and, therefore, facilitates easy and direct implementation.

The different cable lengths allow adaptation to any use case, configuration or environment.


This is the Edge Computer for IoT application at the field level, even in difficult environments.

A host for virtualized applications, periMICA provides a lightweight Linux container environment, which allows you to configure applications locally, just as you would in the cloud. In this way, it allows an easy migration of applications between the field and your IT infrastructure.

periMICA is the perfect tool to collect and pre-process data from IoT sensors and actuators at the field level that are connected to the network by Perinet intelligent components.