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If you can measure it, you can improve it

The Challenge

Since the early days of industrial automation, the operating data of the machines have been housed in the controllers of the machines.

Accessing this data has always been expensive and complex, requiring large investments in systems capable of communicating with machines of various models and manufacturers, and with various control systems.

As a result, data collection is still done manually at the machine in many manufacturing operations.

Traditional OT Solutions

Traditional solutions involve accessing data in machine controllers.

In most cases, the data structure is not immediately available and it is necessary to write custom applications to read the data.

In addition, it is common for multiple types of control systems to coexist in the same factory, each with different communication protocols.

These types of solutions usually require large projects that result in investments that are difficult to justify economically.

Observability with Obvsrv!

Our Digital Retrofit approach bypasses the machine controller, accessing directly the data in the machine sensors and actuators.

Obsrv! automatically records the machine's data and makes it directly available to the business systems, using only IT technologies like SQL, MQTT or HTML.