Machine OEMs

Competitive Connected Machines

Increase the value of your machines

Access to machine data at their customers' sites allows machine builders to obtain valuable information about the actual operation of the machines and offer services such as remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance to their customers.

Obsrv! is highly scalable and is designed to be installed on any type of machine, regardless of the control system used.

Local process, global access

Obsrv!  processes and records the information received from the sensors in the system's SQL database. Several months of machine operation data can be store in each Obsrv! system.

The 4G/LTE router option with support for VPN (virtual private networks) provides permanent Internet communication with the machine independent of the end user's network infrastructure, eliminating potential security risks.

The built-in visualization tools allows you to observe machine values and their evolution over time from anywhere with Internet access.

Using SQL, the machine builder can upload the data recorded on each machine to a central database with information on all machines.