Simple, efficient and cost-effective access to machine data

Digital access to machine data is vital to apply production management and optimization systems that allow companies to achieve their profitability and sustainability objectives.

ZentinelMDS offers solutions that allow access to machine data in a simple, efficient and economical way.

ZentSys systems are open and highly scalable. It is possible to start with a small system to digitize a single sensor and progressively expand the system up to thousands of signals.

And without the need to acquire licenses or periodic contracts.

With ZentinelMDS, solutions for management and optimization of production processes are available to all companies

A New Industrial Standard

ZentSys is based on the new Single Pair Ethernet industrial network that facilitates direct access to data in the sensors and actuators of machines using only information management (IT) technologies such as Ethernet, HTML, MQTT or SQL, eliminating the need to use field buses, gateways, PLCs, data hubs or traditional SCADA systems and thereby drastically reducing the cost of access to data

Flexible Network Topologies

Single Pair Ethernet provides both data connection at 100Mbps and power to connected devices.

The periSTART media converter allows you to connect SPE networks to standard Ethernet networks and provide power to the Single Pair Ethernet network.

The periSWITCH 3-port switches facilitate the creation of networks that adapt to the topology of each machine, area or manufacturing plant.

Standard devices... now Intelligent and Active!

The periNODE adapters from Perinet GmbH turn standard sensors and actuators into intelligent devices in a SPE network, capable of communicating its data directly with information management systems.

Each periNODE has its own IPv6 address assigned at the factory (zero network configuration), incorporates a web server for its configuration or access to data using HTML from a browser or REST:API and an MQTT client that publishes its data to the defined MQTT Broker


Local Information Processing

The ZentEdge machine data server combines an periMICA Edge Computer from Perinet GmbH with a set of ZentSys containers from ZentinelMDS that facilitate the development of machine data acquisition applications.

The periMICA Edge Computer is a compact industrial computer with a Linux operating system with a graphical user interface and support for LXC containers, designed to locally process data from sensors and smart devices such as scales or energy meters and to communicate with information management systems over Ethernet.

The built-in Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) port provides 100Mbps connection and power to devices on the SPE network.

The ZentSys containers included in ZentEdge simplify the creation of applications for machine data acquisition and processing.

Open Data Flow

The ZentFlow container allows the user to develop their own on-machine data management applications and condition-based logic using the Node-RED data flow language. Possible uses include:

A local SQL Database

The ZentData container features an Open Source PostgreSQL database server optimized for the registration of machine operation data over time.

Application in ZentEdge or over the network can access historical machine information using standard SQL statements.

ZentData includes pgAdmin, the universal utility for managing PostgreSQL databases.

Immediate Observability

The ZentGraf container in ZentSys allows you to instantly display historical data and real-time data diagrams of machine data, without the need to use external information analysis tools

Choose your development language

The Debian container included in ZentEdge is optimized for the development of local ZentSys applications with access to both historical and real-time data of the machine, using the most appropriate development environments for each application such as Python, R or C++.